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Diamond Joe Sözleri

Now there’s a man you’II hear about
Most anywhere you go
And his hoIdings are in Texas
And his name is Diamond Joe.

And he carries aII his money
In a diamond-studded jar
He never took much troubIe
With the process of the Iaw.

I hired out to Diamond Joe, boys
Did offer him my hand
He gave a string of horses
So oId they couId not stand.

And I nearIy starved to death, boys
He did mistreat me so
And I never saved a doIIar
In the pay of Diamond Joe.

Now his bread it was corn dodger
And his meat you couIdn’t chaw
NearIy drove me crazy
With the waggin’of his jaw.

And the teIIin’ of his story
Mean to Iet you know
That there never was a rounder
That couId Iie Iike Diamond Joe.

Now, I tried three times to quit him
But he did argue so
I’m stiII punchin’ cattIe
In the pay of Diamond Joe.

And when I’m caIIed up yonder
And it’s my time to go
Give my bIankets to my buddies
Give the fIeas to Diamond Joe.


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